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The Workbook

My Life Through Data is a physical interactive workbook of activities for people to track their daily habits, visualize them in a beautiful and unique way, then compare their lives to the American average. The book has semi-transparent vellum pages for activities that can be pulled out and placed over different comparisons. This workbook is unique because it goes beyond just visualizing data; it gives your personal information context with the ability to compare to an average or ideal. It’s also an enjoyable format that’s fun to fill out and creates unique pieces of data art.


A workbook for discovering connections


The Reason


Connection is something we’re all searching for in our lives, and the activities in this data diary will help you record, visualize and find meaning in your patterns.

  • Connection to yourself. Gain a greater understanding of your own actions by tracking them. Mindfulness is a great first step toward living a better life.

  • Connection to society. Obtain awareness of how your life compares to those around and lead a more conscientious life by looking at where you are vs the American average.

  • Connection to others. Increase communication and understanding completing these activities with a partner.


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